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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reasons Small Businesses Join Twitter

Reasons Small Businesses Join Twitter
Reasons Small Businesses Join Twitter

A frequently asked question we get from Small Businesses not on Twitter is:

What Can Twitter Do For My Business?

Twitter if used correctly can supply your business with a simple cheap solution to:

  • Increase Your Sales - Tweeting about your sales discounts, offers and promotions can dramatically increase your online and off line sales.
  • Provide Customer Service - Twitter can be used as an online Customer Service Desk. Your business suddenly has a personal face, attracting new clients and offering support to existing ones.
  • Customer Feedback - Polls can be easily added to Twitter. Feedback can be gained from your clients or you non clients, simply by asking a question.
  • Increase Branding / Awareness - Thinking outside of the box, Twitter can dramatically increase business / product branding & awareness.
  • Events / Product Launch - Easily drip-feed your Twitter followers snippets of information. By the time the event / product launch arrives, you will have a excited audience.
  • Build A Forum / Community - Your followers are a very important aspect of Twitter. Twitter users like to be followed! Tweet 'good content' and in no time you will have a loyal group of followers. If your lucky, re-tweeting your tweets for you! How much harder is that in the real world!

Remember, if you have an online presence already and you're looking at increasing the size of the footprint, Google Loves Twitter! Your new Twitter account will simply drive traffic to your existing site / blog.

If you need more help and advice on how to set up a Twitter account, call our offices.

Reasons Small Businesses Join Twitter

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Use Twitter For Business?

Why Use Twitter For Business?
Why Use Twitter For Business?

Small Businesses not using Twitter often want to know:

The How's & Why's Of What Twitter Can Do For Their Business! - A question often asked, due to a lack of understanding of Twitter.

So What Can Twitter Do For Your Business?

Well ask yourself, how well you are connected with your 'would be' and existing clients. Could this client connection be better? If so, how are you going to accomplish this!

Are You Collecting Feedback From Clients On A Frequent Basis?

How? Feedback can allow you to stay one step ahead, always able to maximise your business and products, to your clients needs.

Twitter allows you to get your clients excited about new products and your existing products features / benefits.

Client feedback is easily collected via on-line polls, on-line chat software, or questions fired directly to your Twitter audience.

Are You Keeping Your Clients Informed Of Your Business's Activities?

If so, how are you doing this? With Twitter a simple tweet about your business will inform not just your clients, but other Twitter users you are not aware of. Remember this, new business could come from anywhere in this small interconnected world of ours!

Even a business that is focused on local services only, can benefit. A tweet read overseas may be networked by social networking, email or phoned back into your local area. Now you have a new local client, thanks to Twitter!

Writing PR's can be time consuming and once online the PR may only be read from the PR site! On Twitter you can easily spice up the PR and link to the PR site! Short Tweets can be just as effective as a PR! Your audience is very active and online 24/7.

Twitter is a great way to inform the world of your business activities.

Once you realise the true potential of Social Networking, by using Twitter you will be able to:

  • Increase client networking.
  • Maximise client feedback.
  • Obtain product pre-launch information.
  • Keep existing products hot!
  • Inform your audience of NEW business activities.
  • Direct traffic to your PR's.
  • Project your business to an unlimited audience.

Are You Doing That Right Now With Your Existing Marketing Plan?

OK - If you're not! Join Twitter! If you are, but in a more slower way, again join Twitter!

The time is now to get Your Business On Twitter and reap the rewards of Social Networking your business. Call our offices if you need help in achieving that goal!

Why Use Twitter For Business?

Suggestions For Small Business New To Twitter

Suggestions For Small Business NEW To Twitter
Suggestions For Small Business New To Twitter.

When you are new to Twitter, how do you tweet without making big mistakes!

As a business using Twitter, there are a few things you definitely do not want to do. A quick way to lose your audience is to tweet something the wrong way!

Make sure when you tweet:

  • It's NOT all business, as people will lose interest.
  • You use Twitter to make personal connections.
  • Your facts are spiced up, keeping your audience wanting more.
  • Pay attention to your tweet frequency. This can be different depending on your business. You do not want to 'over tweet' your audience's twitter streams.
  • You use some finesse / etiquette. When you tweet the right way, your audience will respond and hopefully re-tweet [RT] your tweets, which can increase your audience.

By following the above suggestions, you will be tweeting within the unwritten Twitter Rules Of Etiquette.

Visit our Twitter Tips page for more information on Tweeting on Twitter and a listing of the Twitter Commands.

Suggestions For Small Business New To Twitter.